Clinic Charter & Your Healthcare Rights

Clinic Charter & Your Healthcare Rights

Our Vision

Total Commitment to Achieving Sustainable and Measurable Community Health Outcomes through Implementing a Patient-centered, Multi-disciplinary Approach to Delivery of all its Primary Health Care Services and through partnerships with other regional health providers.


  • Providing Integrated Health services with Mainstream organisations and professionals.
  • Maintaining and Reinforcing Effective Strategic Mainstream Health Partnerships.
  • Pursuing innovative options and ideas to health delivery.
  • Strongly Advocating on behalf of our Community to provide them with an Effective Voice in Health and in meeting their needs.

Our Values

Respect, Transparency & Accountability, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Caring and Compassion Responsiveness and Flexibility in all our internal services along with our dealings with our clients and strategic partners.

Our Principles

Delivering improving health outcomes in a Culturally Appropriate Manner. Continually Discussing & Monitoring the Health Needs of our Community Responding effectively to these needs.

Budja Budja abides by the Australian Government Charter of Healthcare Rights

Source: Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare