Budja Budja’s Vision and Objectives

Budja Budja Board has recently re-affirmed the Vision and Objectives for our Co-operative as follows:

Our Vision

To be the leading organisation in Victoria in delivery of quality health and Community services.

Our Mission

Budja has a total commitment to achieving sustainable, quality and measurable community physical and SEWB health outcomes through implementing a patient-centered, multi-disciplinary and care co-ordinated approach in delivery of all its primary health care and Community services, including  through having effective partnerships with our mainstream health providers.

Our Principles:

  • Deliver services with cultural integrity, safety and sensitivity on behalf of our peoples for our peoples, in the context of Community self-determination

  • Strongly advocate for our Community in advancing health and other care, delivering positive and practical responses to our health and wellbeing and general needs

  • Always strive to make a positive difference to the lives of our clients and their carers and families

  • Have on-going commitment and keep evolving and remaining agile to meet the changing needs of our Community

  • Provide a suite of tailored, integrated, evidence-based and measurable services and outcomes that directly address and act upon the identifiable and changing needs of our Community

  • Enable and empower our Community to jointly manage their health and wellbeing through early intervention, raising awareness, improving health literacy and education, engagement and prevention activities in an integrated manner

  • Remember we are many individuals but one organisation – together we will provide a professional and seamless experience for our Community in a way that makes them always feel culturally safe and secure

  • Promote mutual respect

  • Act upon Community members retaining their Family and Community engagement

  • Lead by being innovative, creative and bold in our service delivery while also looking for opportunities to collaborate, partner and integrate with other mainstream service agencies; and

  • Always value and celebrate our Communities unique cultural heritage and identity.


Providing integrated health and other services with mainstream organisations and professionals

Maintaining and reinforcing effective strategic mainstream health and other partnerships

Pursuing innovative options and ideas to health and Community Services delivery

Strongly advocating on behalf of our community to provide them with an effective voice in health and in meeting all their needs