Clinic Charter and Your Healthcare Rights

Our Vision

Total Commitment to Achieving Sustainable and Measurable Community Health Outcomes through Implementing a Patient-centered, Multi-disciplinary Approach to Delivery of all its Primary Health Care Services and through partnerships with other regional health providers.

Our Principles

Delivering improving health outcomes in a Culturally Appropriate Manner. Continually Discussing & Monitoring the Health Needs of our Community Responding effectively to these needs.


  • Providing Integrated Health services with Mainstream organisations and professionals.
  • Maintaining and Reinforcing Effective Strategic Mainstream Health Partnerships.
  • Pursuing innovative options and ideas to health delivery.
  • Strongly Advocating on behalf of our Community to provide them with an Effective Voice in Health and in meeting their needs.

Our Values

Respect, Transparency and Accountability, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Caring and Compassion Responsiveness and Flexibility in all our internal services along with our dealings with our clients and strategic partners.

Budja Budja abides by the Australian Government Charter of Healthcare Rights